June Night and Old West Country Farmyard

Astrup, Nikolai, 1907

Oil on canvas, 80x100cm, KODE - Bergen Art Museum

June Night and Old West Country Farmyard is a motif that seems to have meant something special to Nikolai Astrup (1880-1928), and which he painted several versions of.

In the picture’s middle ground we see a small farm that was situated above Astrup’s childhood home, the vicarage at Ålhus. An imposing mountain hovers behind the buildings, with the rushing waterfall Kleberfossen roaring down its side. But what seems to have captured Astrup’s interest most of all is the lush meadow full of bright yellow marigolds that we see in the picture’s foreground, translucent and shimmering in the clear summer night.

Nikolai Astrup is one of Norway’s most beloved artists and has contributed greatly in forming our perception of Norwegian nature and folk traditions. During his entire career he concentrated on depicting his native Western Norway and the village of Jølster.