Governing bodies

The foundation’s highest body is its General Meeting. They elect the Board of the foundation.

Bee hives, designed by Snøhetta architects, on the roof Mathallen in Oslo, inspires urban beekeepers. (Photo: Morten Brakestad)

The foundation’s ordinary Annual General Meeting determines the financial frameworks for monetary allocations, while the Board sets the framework for utilisation of the foundation´s funds.

The General Meeting

The General Meeting of the foundation consists of 31 members elected at two elections.

15 members are publicly appointed representatives elected by the county councils in those parts of Norway in which the former Gjensidige NOR Sparebank was based.

15 members are elected by DNB’s customers in the same regions, while one representative is elected by the customers of DNB elsewhere in the country (a total of 16 representatives are elected by customers).

The election of customer representatives for the period from June 2014 to June 2018 took place during March 2014. Customers voted via DNB’s online bank, and this resulted in a high turnout.

The composition of the General Meeting reflects the regional areas in which the bank had its origins and in which the savings bank’s fund was built up over time.

The General Meeting undertakes the following work:

  • adoption of the annual report and accounts
  • election of Board members
  • election of members to the Election Committee
  • selection of an auditor
  • approval of sales of shares (basic) in DNB
  • adopt amendments in the foundation´s Statutes
  • dealing with any merger/demerger issues relating to DNB

The members of the General Meeting (in Norwegian)

The Board

The Board of the foundation is elected by the General Meeting. The Board consists of 7 members. The Chairman of the Board is Randi Eek Thorsen.

The members of the Board of Sparebankstiftelsen DNB (in Norwegian)

The Administration

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