Traces 8

Warmerdam, Marijke, 2009

Silkscreen print , 200x266cm, The National Museum

Marijke van Warmerdam (1959) was born in Newer Amstel in The Netherlands. Her works have been acquired by numerous international public and private collections, among them the Pompidou Centre inParis, theStedelijk Museumin Amsterdam and Castello di Rivoli inTorino. Her extensive exhibition activity includes her participation in the Biennial exhibitions in Venice, Sydney and Berlin, in addition to her having had a retrospective exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Warmerdam is primarily known for her short video loops. She often makes use of trivial, inconsequential objects that she places in surprising, unexpected contexts. For example a hat that dances in the wind, a drop of milk that is dissolved in a glass of water or a hand that strokes a Venetian blind. Aside from videos, she works with sculpture, photography and painting. In the photo sequenceTracesshe combines several mediums, insofar as these “photographs” are silk screens projected onto acrylic mirrors. The photos are stills, or frozen images, from her video worksSkytypersfrom 1997.