Sandberg, Tom, 2009

Photography, 109,5x151cm

Tom Sandberg (f.1953) is one of Norway’s leading and most respected photographers. During the 1980s and 90s he played an important role on the Norwegian scene in seeing that photography became fully accepted and recognized as an artistic medium on a par with painting, sculpture, etc. Sandberg is primarily known for his sober and atmospheric black and white photographs and has an exceptional sensibility for the many nuances of grey that exist in a range from totally black to totally white. As for motif, he has concentrated on simple and close-range subjects. Small details of everyday situations, objects and places; from details of cityscapes, fleeting cloud formations and waves, to portraits, nudes, billowing hair and cigarette smoke.

In 2009 Sandberg agreed to photograph the DNB Savings Bank Foundation’s collection of musical instruments. He selected both how many and which of the instruments he wished to concentrate on. The outcome of his work is 15 photographs that are now on view at Lillehammer Art Museum together with a number of other recent works by Sandberg. The exhibition Tom Sandberg – Recent Works can be viewed at the museum up until 20 March.