Lorenzo Storioni

Violin made by Lorenzo Storioni in Cremona 1770-1780. This instrument is played by Berit Værnes Cardas.

Giovanni Battista Ceruti

Violin, made in 1795 in Cremona by Giovanni Baptista Ceruti. Øyvor Volle plays on this instrument.

Gennaro Gagliano

Cello made by Gennaro Gagliano in 1748 in Napoli. Bjørg Lewis plays this instrument. The previous owner of the cello was Martin Lovett from the Amadeus Quartet.

Carlo Bergonzi

Violin made by Carlo Bergonzi in 1735 in Cremona, also known as “the Kreisler Bergonzi”, after the great violinist Friedrich “Fritz” Kreisler. Guro Kleven Hagen plays on this instrument.

Guiseppe Guarneri del Gesù

Violin made by Guiseppe Guarneri del Gesù in Cremona, Italy, in 1744. Henning Kraggerud plays on this instrument.

Matteo Gofriller

Viola by Matteo Gofriller made in Venice in 1710. Magnus Boye Hansen plays on this instrument.