Established musicians who play instruments in the Dextra Musica instrument collection.

Eldbjørg Hemsing

A champion of Norway’s rich musical tradition, Eldbjørg Hemsing (b. 1990) has been a household name in her native country since childhood and made her solo debut with the Bergen Philharmonic at the age of 11. (Photo by: Nikolaj Lund)

Elise Båtnes

Elise Båtnes has the position of First Concert Master in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. Her concert activity includes solo performances under recognised conductors and orchestras abroad. Previously, she held the position of Concert Master in Denmark’s Radio Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Westdeutsche Rundfunk Sinfornieorchester. (Photo by: Ettore Causa)

Ernst Simon Glaser

Ernst Simon Glaser has the position of principal cello in the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. He has also made a name for himself at a number of music festivals and at concerts in Scandinavia, the Baltics and other European countries, as well as China.  

Frida Fredrikke Waaler Wærvaagen

Frida Fredrikke Waaler Wærvågen (b. 1988) is considered to be one of Norway´s greatest young talents in classical music. Since the age of 11, Frida Fredrikke has won first prices and Honorary awards in several international and national competitions. (Photo by: Morgan Nicolaysen)  

Geir Inge Lotsberg

Geir Inge Lotsberg is one of Norway’s most active chamber musicians. He has extensive experience from ensembles such as the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Academica Salzburg and as concertmaster in the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and the Norwegian Opera Orchestra.

Guro Kleven Hagen

Guro Kleven Hagen (b. 1994) won second prize in Eurovision’s Young Musicians competition in Vienna in 2010. In 2011 she made her debut with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, and since than she has held concerts with several of Scandinavia’s leading orchestras. (Photo by: Balazs Borocz)

Henning Kraggerud

Norwegian violinist Henning Kraggerud is an artist of exquisite musicianship, who combines an unusually sweet tone and beauty of expression with impressive virtuosity. Kraggerud performs at a high level throughout Europe and North America, and is increasingly in demand in a play/direct capacity.

Henninge Båtnes Landaas

Henninge Båtnes Landaas is a member of the Vertavo String Quartet with which she has toured the world. Since 2009 she has held the position of co/principal viola in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Henrik Bondevik

Henrik Bondevik is sought after as a freelancer throughout Norway and abroad, both as an orchestra musician and chamber musician.

Håkon Thelin

Håkon Thelin is a double bass player and composer. He performs with the ensembles Oslo Sinfonietta and POING. He is an associate professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music and teaches composition and improvisation. (Photo by: Thomas Widerberg)